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The High Quadra Ramblers are Mack Shields on fiddle and vocals and Kaitlin Chamberlin on banjo, vocals and stepdancing: a powerhouse duo keeping the magic of traditional music alive. They're doing ambitious things with appalachian oldtime,  translating traditional celtic into clawhammer banjo rhythms and taking inspiration from middle eastern, french-canadian and classical to create original music. Their compositions range from high energy instrumentals to beautiful lyrical folk songs. Hailing from the East and the West, the influence of both coasts can be heard in the driving rhythm and intricate melodies of their music.

Last spring they released their newest album. Both highly skilled instrumentalists, the album touches on multiple traditional genres while creating an entirely new feel to old music. As well as instrumentals, the album features beautiful vocal harmonies on a few original folk songs.
"Los Algodones" is a new wave of celtic, appalachian and french-canadian inspired music, with Pete Mynett on upright bass and Gabe Pinchbeck on guitar as guest musicians.  

Since appearing on the West Coast music scene, they have been very active - they've completed 4 tours, played in Canada and the US, released their debut album and 2 EPs with their second original album just released, and have had their music commissioned for a film soundtrack ( The short film has since won 7 awards including Best Sound Design at the Independent Shorts Awards in LA. 
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